Who should not take the Italian language test?
  • children who are less than 14 years;
  • the person who has serious problems to learn Italian for age or because they have a disability or illness that must be attested by a medical certificate ASL;
  • those who already have a certificate stating that the level of knowledge of Italian language level A2 made by: University of Roma Tre University for Foreigners of Perugia, University for Foreigners of Siena or the Dante Alighieri Society;
  • who attended a course in Italian at the CTP and earned a title commemorating the achievement of the A2 level of knowledge of the Italian language;
  • who took high school diploma or high school in an Italian school or attending college or a doctorate or a master’s degree in Italian;
  • who carries out executive or highly specialized personnel, university professor, translator or interpreter, journalist or correspondent and has its permission to soggiorno.

NB It should not pass the test the applicant for upgrade or duplicate of a permit EC – long-term.

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