Test mode

It is possible to book the test on the web site: http://testitaliano.interno.it prior registration. To register, from the home page, click on “effettua registrazione” on the right hand top, under the sign of the Ministry of Interior. At the end of the sending procedure it is possible to print the receipt. Within 60 days the prefecture (Prefettura) will send a register letter with the date, time and place of the test. You must go to the school on time and with all the documents needed for personal identification, otherwise it will not be possible to take the test. The test consists in oral comprehension, written comprehension, written interaction and it is stuctured as follows:

type of test

Maximum Time

Maximum score

2 oral comprehension tests Listening

Max 25 minutes

Max score 30

2 reading comprehension tests Reading

Max 25 minutes

Max score 35

1 written interaction test Writing

Max 10 minuti

Max score 35

Total 5 test

Total Time 60 minuti

Maximum score 100

The test may not be presented in the above presented order.

Oral comprehension test: ASCOLTO (listening).

DUring the test you must listen to two different texts, and then write the answers.

Attention : under the title which could be ascolto or Prova di comprensione orale prova 1 and prova 2 there is the explanation of what the candidate must do after the listening. Each test will be heard twice.

  • The task could be: Fill in a V/T (true/false) exercise. Attention: a sentence can be either true or false, cross out (X) or write a dot only on the one you think is correct answer.
  • Images about the text, in this case the task could be: choose the right images concerning the text; write the correct number next to a sentence or dialogue.
  • Choose by crossing out or writing a dot on the information present in the text you have listened to. CHOOSE ONE ONLY.
  • Say where the dialogues or texts you have listened to, take place, by putting a cross next to the places listed.

The texts could consist in: A conversation between Italians, announcements or instructions, a passage from a television or radio programme. This test will last 25 minutes in total and the maximum score is 30 points.

Reading comprehension: LETTURA (reading)

Attention: under the title which could be:Lettura or Prova di comprensione scritta prova 1 and prova 2 there is the explanation of what the candidate must do after the reading. Read the two different texts twice and then read the task, which could be:

  • Choose the correct answer among three possibilities, by writing a cross.
  • Fill in a vero/falso (true/false) exercise;
  • Complete sentences choosing the correct word among a given list of words;
  • Put a cross on the correct answer,T/ F
  • Put a cross on the correct image
  • Match the pictures
  • Match texts with images

This test lasts 25 minutes and the maximum score is 35 points.

A written interaction test: SCRITTURA (writing)

In this test you must write two short texts following the instructions:

The texts could be:

  • Write a Postcard or a greeting card to a relative or friend;
  • Write an ad;
  • Fill in a form (application form for courses, job application, document application, etc.);
  • Write a short curriculum vitae;
  • Description of a recipe or typical dish;

Sometimes in the written test – Scrittura, the candidate must not write less than a certain number of words, this means that the candidate must write more or less the required number of words, not less and not too many more.

This test lasts 10 minutes and the maximum score is 35 points.

For all the tests:

Attention: put the cross only on the picture or sentences you think is correct, in case of a V/F (true/false) exercise, only one sentence can be either true or false, NOT both.

In case of more pictures about the same sentence, only one is correct. If you do not answer or answer wrong, there are no penalty scores.

Sometimes it may be difficult to understand the pictures because they are about the life in Italy, we suggest therefore reading Italian magazines and newspapers, web sites included. A minimum of 80 points over 100 are required to pass the test.

Prior booking the test, it is suggested to check one’s knowledge of Italian. The scheme below explains briefly what means having an A2 level.

Check your level, it is A2 if: