The project

“ALFABINT” stands for literacy, inter-cultural integration.

The District 2050 R.I. in the year 2011-12, Governor Ivo De Lotto, has published the book “to accommodate literacy”, a guide to the examination of Italian residence permit for EC long-term residents, made by Elizabeth Conti (RC Brescia), chairman of the District literacy, and Fulvia Piccini, an expert on literacy. The guide has been translated into six languages ​​(Arabic, Chinese, English, Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish), is addressed to foreigners who come from countries and different cultural backgrounds and come to Italy in search of work to improve their living conditions, to become integrated citizens and leaders. The initiative is under the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of the Interior.

The project of the Rotary eClub 2050 resulted in a telematic the book, with the aim of giving the contents of the booklet widely circulated on the web, also widely used by immigrants, who can take advantage of for the purpose of passing the test of knowledge of Italian for obtaining a residence permit long-term.

By exploiting the potential of the digital environment, the most significant changes were made to the simulation of the tests:

for those listening comprehension (listening), were produced audio books in Italian that you must understand the meaning and an online questionnaire with true / false questions, which completed the users have immediate feedback of results;

as to evidence of reading comprehension (reading), are proposed texts in Italian and, after reading them, users need to carry out tests in which, viewing different images, must associate them with relevant claims;

for writing tests have been proposed in Italian texts that require the formulation of simple sentences (for example, communication, information boards, etc.). Users have the ability to write their text and compare it with the correct one.

The project was initiated as part of the Rotary eClub 2050 by Elena Caldirola, an expert in e-learning, and Flavio Ferlini, computer scientist, and was presented at the conference Didamatica 2013, held in Pisa in May 2013, in the area of CNR Research, and the International Conference ICT for Language Learning, held in Florence in November 2013, at the Hotel Mediterraneo.

During 2015, after experiencing some difficulties to use the service as many people as possible in the use of computers, it was decided to abandon the classical structure of the eLearning portal and opt for a classic site. The project thus undergoes a makeover by John Votta and Massimo Freemasons, whose goal was to make more accessible by anyone.

In 2019, the project, courtesy of Rotary eClub2050, is managed by the Rotary Club Millennials.